Andy’s BBQ Menu

BBQ Smoked Chicken
(Pay Inside & Pick Up With Recieipt) $5.89 each
• Thigh Piece
• Breast Piece
• Leg Piece

BBQ Smoked Pork Baby Back Ribs
(Pay Inside & Pick Up With Receipt)
• Quarter Rack $7.99 each
• Half Rack $15.00 each
• Full Rack $26.00 each

Pulled Pork Sandwiches
(Served At Burrito Bar And Pay With Other Items)
• Pulled Pork Served On Brioche Bun With Coleslaw $7.99 each

BBQ Veggies

• Corn On The Cobb $2.49 each

BBQ Oysters
(pay inside & pick up with receipt)
One for $3.00
Six for $16.00
Dozen for $26.00

1) Customers order at BBQ (exceptions: sides and pulled pork sandwich)

2) Come inside for your sides (at hot bar) and pulled pork sandwiches (burrito bar)

3) Customer pays for everything at one time inside and brings receipt to BBQ chef for items outside

4) Once BBQ complete: all remaining BBQ will be brought inside and sold in hot bar at $9.99/LB

Sides At The Hot Bar $9.99Lb
(Help Yourself At Hot Bar And Pay With Other Items)
• Spicy cowboy beans
• Cream of corn
• Country potatoes