Donation Requests & Community Involvement

Community is the most important part of our business. We’ve been the community gathering place since 2007 and we support various local groups year-round. Andy is a San Rafael native and giving back to Marin is important to us.

To keep up with the growing demand for donations and participation in local events, we recently launched a donation request form.

This form must be completed for every donation request. We are no longer accepting donation requests via email or in-person.

We ask that all requests be submitted on the following timelines:

  • Donation applications: 2-3 months in advance (we are presently at our donation limit for 2023)
  • Event participation requests: eight to twelve (8–12) weeks in advance

Please note that requests will ONLY be considered if submitted electronically. If you do have questions and need to follow up about your request – please email